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20.02.2001 Russian Aviation and Space Agency and Videocosmos Co. have published an album Orbital Complex Mir 1986-2001, devoted to the 15-year celebrations of the Space Station Mir.
26.04.1996 Module Priroda was docked to the Station Mir.
23.04.1996 Module Priroda was launched.
15.11.1995 Docking module for American shuttles was docked to the module Crystal.
12.11.1995 American Shuttle Atlantis started (STS-74) with docking module onboard.
1.6.1995 Module Spectr was docked to the Station Mir.
20.5.1995 Module Spectr was launched.
10.6.1990 Module Crystal was docked to the Station Mir.
31.5.1990 Module Crystal was launched.
6.12.1989 Module Kvant-2 was docked to the Station Mir.
26.11.1989 Module Kvant-2 was launched.
5.04.1987 Module Kvant was docked to the mainframe (base, central. base-model block,) of the station Mir.
31.03.1987 Module Kvant was launched.
20.02.1986 Launching of Base Block of the Station Mir.