Documents about the Space Station "Mir"

21.01.99 Resolution No. 76 of January 21, 1999 Russian Federation Government.
21.10.98 Letter to the Deputy Head of the Administration of Russian Federation President Mr. A.V.Ogarev
08.10.98 RSC Energy Conclusion about the possibility of continuing the exploitation of the scientific-research orbital complex Mir
28.09.98 RAS ISR' Conclusion on the scientific results received in the orbital complex Mir, the conditions of its systems and scientific equipment and the prospects of the Mir exploitation for the time of launching of the ISS.
26.10.98 The project of the joint international exploitation of the piloted space complex Mir
01.06.98 Chief Designers Council for Russian piloted programs Resolution No. 285-01/06-99 On transferring orbital complex Mir in the pilotless mode since June 1, 1999.